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About The California State Seal of Civic Engagement

On September 10, 2020, the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted criteria and guidance to award a State Seal of Civic Engagement (SSCE) to California students who demonstrate excellence in civics education and participation, and an understanding of the United States Constitution, the California Constitution, and the democratic system of government. By adopting these criteria, California joined a small but growing number of states that formally recognize and promote student civic engagement with seals to affix to student transcripts, diplomas, or certificates of completion.



Youth Voter Toolkit

The Youth Voter Toolkit is here! Supporting students beyond simply registering to vote. To access this interactive digital notebook, click on the following link: Youth Voter Toolkit (Google Docs).

What is included?
  • Resources to help students identify what they care about and their "why" of voting
  • Activities to guide them through making informed decisions
  • Tools for developing their voting checklist and plan to continue voting in future elections amplify youth vote & voice!

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Models & Classroom-Tested Strategies

The Integrated Action Civics Project is being developed through a collaboration between the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project and the Santa Clara County Office of Education with significant support and participation by the San Mateo County Office of Education. Initiated in 2017, this multi-year, multi-regional initiative relies on the committed involvement of dozens of teachers to develop an integrated approach to civic education and engagement in the K-12 History-Social Science (H-SS) classrooms.



Students Participating in Civics

Juvenile Justice Youth Raps about the Constitution to Win this Year’s Law Day Contest

The Santa Clara County Superior Court Law Day Contest, sponsored yearly by the Court’s Community Outreach Committee and the Santa Clara County Bar Association, added something special this year … music. Every year the Court Outreach Committee and the Bar sponsor contests allowing students to express themselves creatively within the Law Day theme. While traditionally, the Law Day contest has involved essays, poetry, or posters - this year, the contest added a video option, with submissions made through YouTube or Tik Tok. Read More.



Power of Democracy Program Brochure

The Power of Democracy